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This firm was founded by Mr.Charlie Chinaroot with a registered capital of two million baht in order to provide various imported and exported products worldwide. C.C.E. IMPORT EXPORT CO.,LTD is an international trading company located in Thailand. As specialists in sourcing and trade consulting for the Thai market, we facilitate trading partnerships between our customers and clients across the world.


C.C.E.IMPORTEXPORT.CO., LTD. is an importer, distributor and technician of all types of surveillance solutions for wholesale, retail and installation service. The company has been established since April 2013 for distributing products with specialist teams and experiences. With the knowledge, experiences and trustable policies, these are main keys to create reliability in order to build long term relationship with our customers and clients. Security solutions and computer networking systems are fully integrated.


Missions and Objectives


Purpose (Mission) is a leading company in the sale and service of security equipment, audiovisual equipment, Hi-tech and modern, good quality at a fair price and good after-sales service with Call center in order to impress the customers trust with satisfaction, employees, partners, and government agencies.

C.C.E. IMPORTEXPORT COL., LTD. aims to use the technology and expertise to deliver new products with attractive features, a new dimension of creative blend of technology, and never stop moving forward. The company is ready to continue to develop the services along with enhancing the reputation of inventions.


  1. As an importer of electrical and security equipment of all kinds.

  2. Zone products include a full range of security equipment.
  3. A technology specialist surveillance solutions and computer networking systems.

  4. The company is the leading supplier of technology, surveillance solutions and computer networking systems.

  5. The best service that will bring market demand and coverage at all levels.

General Business Activities

Our traditional business model is based on the accomplishment of customized surveillance solution and cabling service industry. Based on the decision of the company to diversify our products; we have now established this corporation in Bangkok.

Beside the products, we also focus on the issue of services to satisfy our customers which are one of our main concerns. When you become a partner with us, you will receive an excellent service to ensure your security system can run smoothly. We will be your companion since you become our partner. The company will provide only the high quality products with the high responsibility

Our Team